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CNC Machining

One of the many areas of specialty at Arizona Machining Services LLC is precision CNC machining of a large variety of metal-based materials such as Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and various plastics as well. CNC, or Computer Numeric Control, uses precisely programmed computer commands (called G-Code) encoded on a command module as opposed to manual machining. Our new made in the U.S.A HAAS CNC machines allows us to program and manufacture simple and complex parts on time and within budget. These machines have the precision capability to hold tolerances as close as +/-.001″ repeatedly.

Manual Machining

AMS also has manual machining capabilities allowing our machinists to do everything our CNC machines can do on a convenient basis and at a reduced labor rate. For example, when our CNC machines are busy running small to medium run customer orders, we can service our customers as a Job-Shop by taking prototype or one-off jobs. When taking on one-off jobs, it is not worth programming a CNC machine for a job that only requires a single machined part or two.